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Celestial Graffiti, an introduction

Celestial Graffiti is a dual-volume digital video product in the Blu-ray format featuring uniquely rendered fractal animations. Each of the product's volumes includes 18 amazing fractal designs in the genre of so-called "math art". Displayed on a full-resoluton, 1080p HD screen and accompanied by a matching electronic music, these dazzling and stylish visuals can serve as a beautiful, 'living' backdrop of the interior and enrich dramatically the ambience of your living room. And that is not mentioning the bonus, - the mildly hypnotic effect that the viewer is guaranteed to experience while watching these clips...

This work is radically different from all the existing animated fractal production in that it paints fractal patterns in a specially-designed, minimalist yet timeless black and white palette, emphasising the breath-taking majesty of these creations. Also, every clip features some entirely different and entertaining fractal "character" acting out its own mini-script within a deliberately short playback time (about 3,5 min. each, what comprises more than one hour of playback time in total). And finally, the soundtrack for each clip, while still remaining to be an independent electronic piece, is as individual and corresponding to the fractal's nature as it's only possible.

Note: currently, a distributor is being sought for this product. Via the Contact page you can request a notification message to be sent to you, whenever the product is released and available for sale online. For the product's marketing purposes, it is also possible to request (via the same Contact page) a preview Blu-ray disk containing sample full-length Celestial Graffiti animations to be mailed to those interested.

Fractal software used for making of this product: Ultra Fractal 5 Animation Edition by Phreakware. Music soundtrack by Chateau lectrique.