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Introducing Video-landscapes

Video landscapes are a new form of the ambient visual art presented via modern high-definition flat TV screens and advanced projectors. The basic idea is to discover the most compelling landscapes and scenes of our world and every-day life and record them as short-length motion pictures with a fixed view frame, wherein the action of featured objects is either minimal or very subtle. The main and only "protagonist" of such recording is always the scene itself.

A typical length of these recordings can vary from 5-10 to 30 minutes, depending on the artist's choice. There is no plot in such clips, they are displayed "as-is", without much of comment and with the original video and sound left mostly un-edited. Indeed, one can compare video landscapes to living photographs, organically animated over a stretch of time and played with their natural, though often softened, soundtrack. And, similarly to photographs as well (e.g. those hanging on the wall), they don't require continuous attention from the viewer, - video-landscapes could be left playing on the screen in a background-like fashion, enriching ambience of our interiors and making for a pleasant, relaxed watching, when viewed occasionally.

In terms of technology, video-landscape recordings are usually made for the most advanced high-definition Blu-ray format (at the 1080i or 1080p resolution), to preserve all the rich details and colour subtleties of the natural world. For the viewer's convenience, precise Google Earth coordinates of every landscape location featured in this product are included within the clip's subtitles.

As of now, two Video-landscape disks that include 6 HD scenes each (what comprises more than one hour of playback time in total) are ready for production: "The Magic of Italy: Lago Maggiore Vol. 1, in and around Cannobio", discs 1 and 2, with more volumes dedicated to the beautiful Italian scenery upcoming later this year (2010). The release time is unknown at the moment, as a distributor is being sought for this product. Via the Contact page you can request a notification message to be sent to you, whenever the first Video-landscape series is released and available for sale online. For the product's marketing purposes, it is also possible to request (via the same Contact page) a preview Blu-ray disk containing sample full-length Video-landscape animations to be mailed to those interested.

The presented in this product video landscape footage has been shot in april 2009 in the Cannobio area of the Lago Maggiore lake, northern Italy, using the Canon's HF100 HD video camera. Sony's DVD Architect Pro v5 package was used for the video-discs's production.

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